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effners Bridge

  • Year Built: 1905
  • Type: Pratt Thru Truss
  • Number of Spans: 1
  • Length: 81'
  • Width: 17'10"
  • Builder: Climax Road Machine Company of Marathon, New York
  • Location: Greenwich Township, Berks County
  • Carries: Garman Road (TR 761) over Sacony Creek
  • Preservation Assistance: Unknown
  • BRKey: 5495

Heffners Bridge is a Pratt thru truss built in 1905 by the Climax Road Machine Company of Marathon, New York. This single-span bridge is 81' long and 17'5" wide with a vertical clearance of 12'2".  It is located in Greenwich Township, Berks County, where it carries Garman Road (TR 761) over Sacony Creek. This bridge is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places.

The character-defining features of this bridge include the truss form (Pratt thru), method of truss end connection (pinned), and structural members to include the top and bottom chords, vertical and diagonal members, sway bracing and features of the portal.

To preserve this historic structure, ownership of the bridge in its entirety will be transferred to an interested party for removal to a new location. The new owner will be responsible for costs associated with removal, rehabilitation and long-term maintenance of the structure. If you or your organization is interested in assuming ownership of this historic bridge, please contact Tyra Guyton of the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office at or at (717) 346-0617 or Kris Thompson of PennDOT District 5 at or at (610) 871-4459.