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Plans, Standards and Specifications

Submission Review

PennDOT staff are responsible for reviewing submissions such as: Type, Size and Location (TS&L); foundation submissions; final plans; value engineering; pile hammer approvals and more.


Bridge Standard Drawings


Bridge Design, BD-600M Series (Pub. 218M*) — 2 viewing options:


Bridge Construction, BC-700M Series (Pub. 219M*) — 2 viewing options:


Low-Cost Hardwood Glulam Timber Bridge Design, BLC-560M Series (Pub. 6M*) — 2 viewing options:


* The original “clean” version of this pub. can be obtained from the "FORMS, PUBS & MAPS" web page.

Old Bridge Standards Lookup List (xlsx)

Approved Bridge and Structure Products

Bridge Design Specifications

Design Manual, Part 4 — Structures (DM-4) (Pub. 15M)

**annotations indicate where Strike-Off Letters have made changes to the current edition of the manual (revisions are not incorporated).


Active e-Notifications for Bridge Design (Pub 218M) (PDF)

Archived e-Notifications for Bridge Design (Pub 218M, 2010 Edition through Change 3) (PDF)

Archived e-Notifications for Bridge Design (Pub 218M, 2003 Edition and its Changes 1 through 6) (PDF)