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Sample Matrix

Airport Name ____________________________________________________________
Reviewer _______________________________________________________________
Criteria Weight Consultant A Consultant B Consultant C Consultant D
Firm’s capability to perform 10
Experience 10
Professional qualifications 10
Implementation of Affirmative Action Plan 10
Personnel capabilities 10
Current workload 5
Ability to meet schedules 10
Ability to meet budgets 10
Past projects of similar nature 15
Knowledge of FAA/BOA standards & policies 15
Demonstration of understanding of the project(s) 10
Capability to furnish qualified inspectors 5
The criteria shown are recommended by the BOA. Other criteria can be added as well according to the sponsor’s needs, i.e. if a project is occurring in an environmentally sensitive area, a possible criterion may be “Ability to work in sensitive environmental and public atmospheres” . The weights shown are examples so that sponsors can visualize how weights are assigned to the different criterion. Weights should be reassigned by sponsors according to their priorities. Sponsors should carefully assign weights to each criterion so that the weights are representative of the impact of each category on accomplishing the project(s), i.e. “Capability to furnish qualified inspectors” should not have a high weight if the majority of expected projects are planning in nature.