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2018 Airport Consultant Listing

The following list contains contact information for aviation consultants who registered their interest in working in the commonwealth with the Department. This list is made available to airport sponsors for use during the consultant selection process; however, it does not constitute a preapproval nor an endorsement of any consultant by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Bureau of Aviation. Additionally, absence from this list does not disqualify a consultant from working in the state of Pennsylvania.

Airport sponsors are required to complete the applicable consultant selection procedures, as outlined in Advisory Circular 150/5100 - 14E and/or BOA Publication 405 (PDF), and may choose consultants who are not listed below. As always, sponsors should carefully review firms to ensure that they obtain the most qualified candidate for their facility.

Consultants who wish to be listed as an Airport Consultant should complete an AV-5 (PDF) Application. Email the completed form to the Bureau of Aviation by November 30th to be included in the yearly listing.

Inclusion on this list does not indicate approval by the Department. It is a list of consultants who have certified that they are capable of airport engineering or planning work. To remain on the list, consultants must update this information annually.

Consultant Phone ​Email Website Link​Valid Through
CDI L.R. Kimball814-472-7700 AV-5 (PDF) December 2018
Delta Airport Consultants, Inc. ​​717-652-8700​​www.deltaairport.comAV-5 (PDF)December 2018​
​GAI Consultants, Inc. ​ www.gaiconsultants.comAV-5 (PDF)​December 2018
 Michael Baker Intl.412-269-6300 www.mbakerintl.comAV-5 (PDF) December 2018