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PennDOT 20/20

PennDOT 20/20 is the umbrella to move PennDOT forward by solving current and future challenges. PennDOT 20/20 also gathers thoughts from employees and business partners to help ensure the organization is moving in the right direction.

In addition to facilitating discussions generated by the PennDOT Executive Committee and District Executives, PennDOT 20/20 works to advance smart employee ideas through IdeaLink 20/20 (PennDOT's employee suggestion system), supports the State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC), and surveys various groups to monitor strategic direction and customer satisfaction.

To knock down barriers to quality improvements, PennDOT executive management regularly holds strategic visioning sessions. These sessions identify ideas and challenges that are assigned to employee expert teams who develop solutions. Expert teams work in unison with executive management to implement those solutions. For more information, view our PennDOT 20/20 brochure (PDF).


Innovations Challenge

The PennDOT Innovations Challenge is a statewide competition that challenges teams of students in ninth through 11th grade to use their problem-solving, creative, and strategic-thinking abilities to solve real-world transportation challenges. Regional winners will be selected from each of PennDOT's 11 Engineering Districts. Those winners will move on to a statewide competition in Harrisburg where an overall winner will be selected.


State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC)

In 2010, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) introduced the STIC concept to state transportation departments and industry partners to foster ownership and pride in establishing a process in which ideas, innovative techniques and processes are evaluated and implemented quickly and efficiently. The STIC is composed of a multi-stakeholder leadership team who works together to forge an environment of innovation, imagination and ingenuity to pursue specific initiatives and their rapid implementation to deliver a modern, high-quality transportation system to the citizens of Pennsylvania.