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General Employment Information

PennDOT is a customer-driven service organization responsible for the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of Pennsylvania's multi-modal transportation system. To effectively move people and goods within a highly industrialized region, the Department has developed an extensive transportation system. 
The Department is organized into a Central Office, which is located in Harrisburg, and eleven Engineering Districts strategically located throughout the state. The Central Office provides overall guidance and policies, and the Districts are responsible for carrying out these policies.
Gaining employment with the Commonwealth is different from gaining employment with a private organization. Some people call State Agencies to inquire about current vacancies and submit applications directly to the Agency. This is not the most effective way to obtain employment with the Commonwealth. 
PennDOT is an equal opportunity employer, and also encourages active military service members as well as veterans to explore opportunities with the department. Other employment options are also shared through the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.
There are two general types of employment available with the Department of Transportation. They are Civil Service and Non-Civil Service. Each are separate employment processes, which are overseen by organizations separate from the Department of Transportation. 


Civil Service Employment

The State Civil Service Commission oversees Civil Service employment for all agencies of the Commonwealth.  The Civil Service system is merit based; all job titles require you to complete an application and most require you to take an examination as well.  If you meet the minimum experience and training for that job title, your name will be placed on a candidate list according to your score. 
When an agency is filling a Civil Service position with that job title, it will request an applicant list from the Civil Service Commission.  Some of the Civil Service job titles used by PennDOT are: Civil Engineer, Transportation Construction Inspector, Driver License Examiner Assistant, and Driver License Examiner.  To view Civil Service job titles and apply, please visit the State Civil Service Commission website: State Civil Service Commission


Non-Civil Service Employment

The Non-Civil Service vacancy process is controlled by the Bureau of State Employment in the Governor’s Office of Administration. 
When an agency is filling a Non-Civil Service position, it will request a list from the Bureau of State Employment of those applicants who meet the minimum experience and training for that job title.  The Bureau of State Employment makes this determination and provides a list of applicants to the agency. Some of the Non-Civil Service job titles used by PennDOT are: Clerk, Administrative Officer, and Diesel Mechanic.
A non-civil service employment application and information can be found at PA Employment. Internet access is also provided by most public libraries and PA CareerLink sites. Applicants can visit PA CareerLink online to locate the nearest PA CareerLink site.



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