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If your group is looking to participate in the effort to keep Pennsylvania litter-free and beautiful, earning community service credits or simply wanting to get involved as dedicated, civic-minded individuals, read on! You’ll be joining a popular effort to clean-up litter on Pennsylvania's collective front yard - its 150,000 acres of roadside.

PennDOT offers a wide variety of beautification programs in a concerted effort to reduce the costs of removing unsightly litter from Pennsylvania’s roadways: 

Litter Facts

Apply to Adopt a Highway (PDF)



PennDOT will provide safety training for volunteers as well as orange safety vests and, if requested, highway warning signs for use during litter pick-ups. 

The Department also provides trash bags and pickup of the bagged litter from the roadside. Volunteers must be at least eight years old, and participants under 18 must be accompanied by adults. 


Volunteers beautify roadsides two miles at a time. You or your civic or volunteer group sign a two-year program participation request to pick up litter at least four times a year. In return, PennDOT posts signs along the highway giving you or your group full credit for your efforts. 


Volunteers expand upon PennDOT’s planting efforts to cultivate wildflowers and/or other approved plantings along our state roadways under a two-year commitment. In return, PennDOT places a sign recognizing the group for its efforts. Since interchange areas and traffic islands are also available for adoption, this is a wonderful way to say “Welcome to Pennsylvania and our community.” 



Volunteers beautify Pennsylvania in an annual statewide event. Each year during April, thousands of Pennsylvanians take to the streets in their towns and cities to collect the unsightly trash that litters our roadsides. PennDOT provides trash bags and orange safety vests to our volunteers. Our maintenance crews then pick up the collected refuse and dispose of it free-of-charge in approved landfills.

To organize activities in your community, contact the Great American Cleanup of Pennsylvania Coordinator for your county or visit to register your event.


Contact your local PennDOT County Maintenance Office. An Adopt-A-Highway coordinator or Adopt and Beautify Roadside Specialist will assist you on the terms of the program and help you select a two mile stretch of state-maintained road to adopt or an area to beautify. Or complete the Adopt-A-Highway or Adopt and Beautify online application to begin the participation process. 



Want to help maintain the beauty of highways in your area and get recognition for your efforts? Pennsylvania’s Sponsor-A-Highway program offers just that opportunity! Various highways and major metro areas are covered in the program and opportunities may develop in other regions.

While PennDOT’s Adopt-A-Highway program relies on volunteer groups to maintain adopted sections of roadway, the sponsoring program involves businesses and interested parties securing agreements with the contracted vendor (Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation)  to use their skilled maintenance forces to perform roadside work including: litter removal, graffiti removal, sweeping, landscape plantings and mowing. Sponsored roadways will have signs placed that recognize the sponsors.

For more information on the Sponsor-A-Highway program in Pennsylvania or to become a highway sponsor, visit