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bicycle education lesson plans

Third- and Sixth-Grade Curriculum

Lesson plans to provide basic bicycle safety instruction to students are available for teachers to download for free. The five lesson plans, which are each approximately 30- to 60-minutes in length, conform to Pennsylvania curriculum standards for health, safety and education (Chapter 4 of Title 22 of the Pennsylvania Code) for third- and sixthgrade students. Each of the five modules focuses on one of the following topics:

  • Bicycle Safety and Injury Prevention – Teaches students about necessary equipment for safe cycling and practices for checking the safety and proper use of that equipment. This includes teaching students to effectively fit and adjust bicycle helmets and reviewing the ABC Hand Check procedure.
  • Bicycle Handling Skills – Teaches students to recognize the importance of a properly fitting bicycle and helmet, understand the purpose of protective items and safety practices used when riding bicycles, and practice safe bicycling handling skills.
  • Understanding the Cycling Environment – Teaches students the basics of riding a bicycle. Students will practice safe bicycling handling skills and understand and practice appropriate procedures for riding on sidewalks and streets.
  • Cycling and Your Health – Teaches students about cycling as a healthy form of regular exercise and how to identify and understand the health benefits of cycling. Students will demonstrate understanding of the health benefits of cycling, and sixth graders will generate an informative “advertisement” to promote the health benefits of cycling.
  • Cycling in Your Community – Teaches students the basics of safe bicycling practices with the use of facilities and resources in their own communities. Students will recognize that there are appropriate areas for bicycling in their community and will become familiar with local cycling resources.

Modules consist of comprehensive hands-on lesson plans with activities and student materials for reprint.

Lesson plans are now available on the state Department of Education's Standards Aligned System, which provides a catalog of department-approved lesson plans.