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PennDOT Announces 2017 Lawrence County Highway and Bridge Improvement Projects


March 20, 2017
PennDOT Announces 2017 Lawrence County Highway and Bridge Improvement Projects
PittsburghPennDOT District 11 is pleased to announce the 2017 Lawrence County transportation improvement project list for state-owned roads and bridges.
District 11 will invest an estimated $32 million on nine major projects to improve, preserve or rehabilitate transportation infrastructure including nine bridges (seven structurally deficient) in Lawrence County in 2017. In addition, 15 miles of roadway will be paved or resurfaced. Approximately 13 projects will be bid this year valued at an estimated $37 million.  
“It is our pleasure to start several bridge replacement projects, along with work to upgrade Route 65 in Lawrence County,” said District Executive, Dan Cessna. “We are especially pleased to conclude the Route 18 Mahoning Viaduct project later this year.”
Here’s a preview of the major improvements scheduled for 2017 in Lawrence County:
Projects continuing from 2016 with major work remaining
Route 18 Mahoning Viaduct
Bridge rehabilitation work, including painting, expansion dam replacement, an epoxy overlay on the deck, steel repairs, railing improvements, and other construction work, resumed in February on this $11.42 million project. Route 18 traffic will be detoured through mid-November as crews conduct rehabilitation work on the structure over the Shenango River in the City of New Castle.  The bridge will remain open to pedestrian traffic. The overall project will be completed in late November 2017.
Projects starting construction in 2017
Route 65 – Hillside Avenue to Shaffer Road
This $8.72 million improvement project began in mid-March on Route 65 in Lawrence County.  Concrete patching, milling and resurfacing, base repairs, ADA curb cut installation, slide repairs drainage improvements, sign upgrades and pavement marking installation will occur on Route 65 between Hillside Avenue in Ellwood City Borough and Shaffer Road at the Slippery Rock/Shenango township line.  Single-lane traffic will be maintained in each direction in Ellwood City. Single-lane alternating traffic will occur in all other locations throughout the project which will conclude in late November 2017.
Route 1018 Georgetown Road Bridge Replacement
Georgetown Road (Route 1018) will undergo a bridge replacement project between Gerber Road and Davis Road in Plain Grove Township in 2017. In June, the $274,196 project will include a full replacement of the existing bridge with minor approach work including drainage, guide rails, pavement markings and other miscellaneous construction improvements. Traffic will be detoured. Overall work on the project is expected to be complete by August 2017.
Route 2014 Chewton Wurtemburg Road Bridge Replacement
Bridge replacement work on Chewton Wurtemburg Road (Route 2014) is anticipated to begin this summer between Henry Street and Vinegar Valley Road in Wayne Township. With an estimated cost of $1-1.5 million the existing bridge will undergo a complete replacement using precast modules. Minor approach work will also occur. During construction, the bridge will be closed and traffic will be detoured. Work will begin in June and is expected to conclude in late November 2017.
Route 2020 Pleasant Hill Road Bridge Replacement
The estimated $1-1.5 million bridge project on Pleasant Hill Road (Route 2020) in Perry Township is scheduled to begin in June. The project, located between North Camp Road and Pine Lake Road, will include a full replacement of the existing bridge over Camp Run and minor approach work. There will be a long-term closure in the bridge area and a detour will be put in place to allow work to occur. The project will be completed in late November 2017.
Route 2030 Mountville Truss (Harris Bridge) Rehabilitation
The Mountville Road (Route 2030) truss (Harris Bridge) rehabilitation project between Heinz Camp Road and Nye Road in Perry and Slippery Rock townships is anticipated to begin minor work in the summer of 2017. Traffic will be maintained during work performed in this year. The estimated $3-4 million rehabilitation on the bridge that carries Mountville Road over Slippery Rock Creek will include a full replacement of the truss floor system, deck and barrier improvements, bearings, and one wingwall. Additional work includes substructure concrete repairs, structural steel repairs, full painting of the truss, and guide rail updates. Beginning in March 2018, there will be a full closure of the bridge and traffic will be detoured.  The overall project will conclude in December 2018.
Route 3004 Petersburg Road Bridge Replacement
This spring work to begin the $424,582 project to replace the Petersburg Road (Route 3004) bridge will occur. The bridge between Burkey Road and Moravia Road in North Beaver Township will be replaced. Additional work includes drainage, guide rails, pavement markings, and other miscellaneous construction. While work occurs a full closure of the bridge and detour will be utilized. Work on the bridge is expected to be completed in mid-September 2017.
Route 4004 Harbor-Edinburg Bridge Replacement
Work on Harbor-Edinburg Road (Route 4004) to replace the bridge over the Shenango River between Benjamin Franklin Highway and Kings Chapel Road in Neshannock Township will begin in April. The $916,900 project includes replacing the concrete deck and barrier of the bridge and minor approach work. Traffic will be detoured around the bridge. Overall work will conclude in the summer of 2017.
Group Resurfacing Contract
The routes listed below will be milled and resurfaced with drainage improvements and minor rehabilitation in 2016 under a contract group project (work areas may be subject to change).
·        Eastbrook Road (Route 168) from Croton Avenue (Route 108) in the City of New Castle to Main Street (Route 208) in Volant Borough;
·        Wurtemburg Road (Route 2003) from Portersville Road (Route 488) to Route 65 in Wayne Township; and
·        East Cherry Street (Route 2032) from Route 18 in the City of New Castle to Third Street (Route 168) in Taylor Township.
In addition to the work listed above, District 11 will be making many improvements to the transportation system in Lawrence County through various County Maintenance activities. District 11 will also be performing numerous bridge preservation and washing projects around the county in a continuing effort to address critical bridge needs. Visit the District 11 page under Regional Offices on for more information on PennDOT activities in Lawrence County.
Work Zone Safety Tips
In high traffic locations, motorists are encouraged to use both lanes of travel to the merge point. Once at the merge point, motorists are encouraged to take turns merging into the open lane and continue through the work zone.  When motorists cooperate and use the late merge system, it will create a zipper like effect with traffic which will reduce the length of the queue, allow traffic to move more fluidly and also prevent a lot of aggressive merging. 
If you encounter our work zones, please keep the following tips in mind for your safety and the safety of highway workers:
·      Drive the posted work-zone speed limit;
·      Stay alert and pay close attention to signs and flaggers;
·      Turn on your headlights;
·      Maintain a safe distance around vehicles, don´t tailgate;
·      Use four-way flashers when stopped or traveling slowly;
·      Avoid distractions and give your full attention to the road;
·      Always buckle up;
·      Expect the unexpected,
·      Be patient.
Work Zone Laws - Pennsylvania´s work zone safety laws are designed to protect both highway workers and motorists:
Posted work zones - Headlights On - All motorists are required to travel with their headlights turned on in all posted work zones, not just active work zones. It is necessary for drivers in vehicles with daytime running lights to turn on their headlights in order to activate their taillights.
Active Work Zones - Posting of Active Work Zones - Active work zones are designated by a white flashing light attached to an “Active Work Zone” sign to notify motorists when they enter and leave the work zone. The flashing light will only be activated when workers are present and turned off when workers are not present.
Fifteen-Day Loss of License for Driving Dangerously - Motorists caught driving 11 miles per hour or more above the posted speed limit in an active work zone, or who are involved in a crash in an active work zone and are convicted for failing to drive at a safe speed, will automatically lose their license for 15 days.
Fines Doubled/Jail Time Increased - Fines for certain traffic violations - including speeding, driving under the influence, and failure to obey traffic devices - are doubled for active work zones. Also, the law provides for up to five years of additional jail time for individuals convicted of homicide by vehicle for a crash that occurred in an active work zone.
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