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PennDOT staff are responsible for reviewing submissions such as: Type, Size and Location (TS&L); foundation submissions; final plans; value engineering; pile hammer approvals and more.



Bridge Design, BD-600M Series (Pub. 218M) — 2 viewing options:

Bridge Construction, BC-700M Series (Pub. 219M) — 2 viewing options:

Low-Cost Hardwood Glulam Timber Bridge Design, BLC-560 Series (Pub. 6M) — 2 viewing options:

Approved Bridge and Structure Products (PDF)

PennDOT LRFD and Engineering Programs

Design Manual, Part 4 — Structures (DM-4) (Pub. 15M)

**annotations indicate where Strike-Off Letters have made changes to the current edition of the manual (revisions are not incorporated).

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) — PennDOT Gusset Plate Analysis and Rating

FHWA 2009 Gusset Plate Load Rating PennDOT (ppsx)

FHWA Gusset Plate Webinar (ppsx); Gusset LFR Chat (revised) (doc)

FHWA Hand Calculations vs PennDOT TGPAR Spreadsheet (PDF)

PennDOT SOL 431-09-02 (PDF)


PennDOT Truss Example Shop Drawings (PDF) and Truss Example (xls)

PennDOT TGPAR Spreadsheet: Figures (PDF); Instructions (PDF); Method of Solution (PDF); Summary of TGPAR v1.0, 1.01 & 2.0 Revisions (PDF); TGPA Rv1.01 (xls); TGPA Rv2.0 (xls)

FHWA Guidance Example (xls)

Integral Abutment Version 2.1 (October 2014) (xlsm)

Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall Design Spreadsheet (April 2015) (xlsx)

MSE User's Manual (PDF)

You can find the BMS Coding Manual, Publication 100-A, in our Forms, Pubs and Maps section.



Active e-Notifications for Bridge Design (Pub 218M) (PDF)

Archived e-Notifications for Bridge Design (Pub 218M, 2010 Edition through Change 3) (PDF)

Archived e-Notifications for Bridge Design (Pub 218M, 2003 Edition and its Changes 1 through 6) (PDF)